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All Area Landscape & Tree Removal Service has been established since 1995. We have served many commercial, residential, and college Universities over the years. We are family owned and operated. We take pride in every job we complete no matter how small or how big. We strive for customer satisfaction!

Specializing in a variety of landscape, landscape design, asphalt/excavating and tree removal services, All Area Landscape & Tree Removal Service can meet your needs today! Our staff consists of well trained professionals, some of which have 20 years of experience in the field!

Wondering how you can get an estimate?
If you are interested in getting a FREE estimate, please call 203-288-2953 today! 
Our Secretary will make an appointment that matches your schedule. The owner is usually available Monday Through Friday, and most Saturdays! The owner will come out to meet you at the site and talk to you about the work you would like completed.

If you have a busy schedule, the owner can take a drive by the site and look at the work you would like completed. (Please note: it is best to mark the areas you want looked at. For example: if you want to get a tree removed, it would be best to mark the trees with a ribbon or spray paint.) You will then receive a written contract via the mail or e-mail. Please sign and send back the contract and your job will be placed on the schedule! All work is completed to the highest quality and performance. All Area Landscape & Tree Removal hopes to serve you soon! We want to improve your landscape and tree removal needs one step at a time!





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