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Lawn Installation & Rehab

All Area Landscape & Tree Service can provide many options and scenarios on lawn installations for different landscapes. Customer’s always comment about having their lawn look like the lawn next door. We can make it happen!

Old fashion hand seeding:
Hand seeding can provide a beautiful lawn. All of the areas would be prepared, Harley raked (depending on the site), then seed would be mixed in the soil with special hand tools.

Hydro- seeding (Highly Recommended)
The areas would be Harley raked and prepared for the seed accordingly, depending on the situation. The areas would then be sprayed with a mixture of Hydro bark mulch, which acts as hay to start a thatch layer for the seed, along with seed, fertilizer, and weed preventive.

Drill/ Slit Seeding:
Starter fertilizer will be spread over the entire lawn area. Then the machine driller or slicer will be loaded with seed and driven over the designated areas or entire lawn area.

The areas would be Harley raked and prepared for the sod installation accordingly.
The soil may or may not be seeded. Starter fertilizer will be sprayed and then the sod will be installed.
We can provide standard sod size installations or field size sod installation, which are wider and longer and are installed with machinery.

All of the above jobs will be priced separately and quoted accordingly upon site inspection. A seasonal contract will then be provided to the customer via e-mail or mail. We service, New Haven, Cheshire, Hamden, Woodbridge, Orange, North Haven, Wallingford, and the local surrounding area.


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