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Seasoned Firewood

We know our wood!

We use our own firewood to heat our homes! So you know we are selling you the best wood! We store our wood in a hoop house to keep the wood dry from the elements. The wood is seasoned for one to one + years.

  • We sell seasoned hardwood in full cords and ½ cords

  • Hard woods used: Oak, Maple, Birch, & some types of Ash & Fruit Wood.

  • Wood Length – approximately 12”-18”

Please call today for pricing!

Our Firewood sales are cash on delivery. The wood is usually dumped in the driveway areas at the customer’s home. If they would like it on a lawn area, the truck must have access to the drop site. All Area Landscape & Tree Removal is not responsible for any lawn damage done during this process.


to Cheshire, Hamden, North Haven & Wallingford.

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